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  Talon's Reviewed Sites  


AAA Bondage Company of Las Vegas   Photos from Las Vegas lovelies, bound ang gagged for your enjoyment. Check out for more on the Reviews Section
Abducted Housewives    Beautiful young housewives, secretaries, coeds and even  female prison guards abducted, bound, gagged and pushed to their limits
    Always on the leading edge of the bondage community.  Home of Master Abductor and  many friends of mine.  Stop in and check  them all out.
AES Productions     Videos  are the Forte' of this excellent production company. Have a few myself, does that tell ya anything.
Alazar's Women   What can I say about Alazar. Artist Extroidanaire perhpaps, but that is an understatement. Visit him, and you come up  with with an adjective.
Alexis Taylor    Yes, THAT Alexis TaylorAlexis O'Neal bound, gagged & barefoot. Absolutely free
Alicia Silver     a little cutie that you shouldn't miss
ALT.COM    Looking for that Special someone?  Give this a try, you might be surprised.
Aluringly knotty.com
   "Bondage-Pantyhose-Stockings-Panties-Feet-Lingerie-Corsets-Girdles-Fetish "
Amateur Abuse    Real ladies in real bondage. Lots of Free pictures.
Amateur Bound     No Fancy Studio, No Expensive Equipment! Over 1,800 Unique Bondage Images And Movies!" Stop in and say Hello to my friend Moe
Amber Michaels    luscious blond, and pervy as can be.
Andrews Dungeon    Check out the life of a Real Slave
Andy Adler Photography   Much more than a man with a camera
Angelica's Bondage Haven    luscious blond, and pervy as can be. Check out for more on the Reviews Section
Angels Bound    Heaven on earth
AngelRope     Bondage photos, bondage artwork & bondage school with gorgeous models and talented artists. Updated monthly! In German and   English
Anna in Private    Simply gorgeous, and worth visiting
Anton Productions    Bondage Videos galore
AnuVids    Huge movies token site, check it out
Archives BBS    One of the best Bulletin Board Services on the WWW
Artemisbound.com    "If you find bound females alluring, I'm sure you'll take pleasure here."
Artistry of CoCo    Some of the most erotic and intriguing art on the Net
Artistry of Ferres    New and very very good.   Stop by and see
Archives BBS     More than you can possibly imagine
Archway to Monica    Great lady, in great bondage.   Don't miss this one
Arresting Images      Say hi to two honest and caring people, Jerry and Julia, and be sure to see their Review
Ashley Renee'    Now what would you like me to say.  How about, Those Eyes, they say it all.
Asian Torment    Extreme Asian torment and Bondage
August Lee    August Lee and her friends. Classic damsels in distress. Tons of original, exclusive bondage photos. Free samples
Aussie Ropeworks    Ladies from down under kept helpless and quiet
AYCHEES FETISH PHOTO GALLERY    Great photography ... and lovely models Take the time and visit  aychee and  earthmom   Plus lots of other goodies


Babes in Bondage XR     This is one you don't want to miss. Stop in and visit Ian and his gorgeous models, and tell him I sent you.
BabydollBound    Don't miss the ultimate pain sluts Review on Talon's Eyrie ... then go pay her  a visit
Back Room Dungeon    Good Female Domination site, plenty for everybody
Ball Gagged . com     No messing around here.  They know what they want and what we want. The best part is, they give it to us.  Check it out.
Bambifunbondage    Official website of hot little fox Bambi and her submissive friends! See gorgeous girls get tied & gagged and their tender nipples tortured. Updated weekly
Bamboo Cage    Specializing in Asian restraint, and Shibari
Barelegs Bondage    It doesn't need an explanation, just a visit
Basement Bondage     New and FREE. Pics from aplethora of producers, all FREE. Stop by for a visit
Becca's Superheroione Fantasy     Any fantasy you can think of, and all sexy and helpless.  What an imagination
Beyond Bent    New and exciting artist with a unique and deviant mind
BD Pix    Lots of goodies, and some free
BDSM Cafe    you won't find coffee, but you will find lots of bondage
BSSM Hardcore    Want it HARD... this is the place
BDSM-Netz    New and exciting works from Central Europe.  Stop in and visit and say hi to a pal of mine.
BDSM Groups     Guide to bdsm, bondage, domination and submission email groups, bdsm websites and resources both national and local
BDSM Library:      A story archive for BDSM related fictions. This is the place where all your fantasies come true

BD Video     Pay per view with lots of choices
Beauty Bound    Some of the most enticing photography I have come across.  Stop in and say Hi to Michale Blue, and be prepared for the extraordinary.
Becky's Dungeon    Great site catering to everyones perversions
Bedroom Bondage    Lorelei's Home.  A huge Free section, and lots of goodiesto view and abscond.   Just don't spread them around.
Belle Bound   Cute and helpless always
Bill Ward Archives     All his works, from WWII to date
Bindher.Com:       Dedicated to damsels in distress & smoking, too - Thousands of original pictures & videos, plus streaming cinema & free movie & TV bondage
Bizare Designs    Corsets, Corsets, Corsets, Corsets... Nuff said
Black Fox Bondage     Very good amateurs, and lots of them ... take a peek
Black Girls Bound    for a touch of "color", it can't be beat
Black Lotus Temple    the home of the awesome Barry Blair 
Blue Bondage    Good stuff, with a lot of variety, brought to you by Romix.  And by the way, he is a hell of a nice guy
Bizarr Family       Latex and Rubber galore... ... Lots of it even
Bolder Productions LTD    Bondage and Sadomaschism Photography
Bondage a Go Go    No, it's not dancing, but it's everything else
Bondage Arts      Plan on spending the day here.  Yes, there is that much to look at.  Much of it FREE
Bondage Agency    Oriental Bondage Artwork, and huge selection at that.
Bondage Babylon     Jon Woods says it all.  Great photography by one of the alltime masters
Bondage Barrix    The Sgt Major abducts, manhandles, disciplines & trains sexy cadet recruits. Lots of GROPING, corporal & tight crotchropes
Bondage Crossdresser    Exactly what it says, with lots of pics, many free previews.   Stop in and say Hi to Renee'.
Bondage Bobs Models    The lovely ladies of the UK, bound and gagged for our pleasure
Bondage Boulevard     Visit Elle and David for some of the most awesome and new pics to be found
Bondage by Request     Great stuff, and as the name implies, they take Requests. More excellence from Jim Martin
Bondage Cafe'    Fantastic bondage by one of the classiest - Jim Weathers
Bondage Channel     more videos than you can name.  Name it, it's there.
Bondage.com     Into the "lifestyle".  Stop in for a visit
Bondage Crossdresser    Stop in and visit Renee for something out of the mainstream, and its really good
Bondage Damsels     The NEW Look of Robert Deane and it's a GREAT Look too. TIGHT bondage and GAGS!! More than 12,500 ORIGINAL photos of 57 damsels-in-distress the way you want them
Bondage Delight    Video and picture haven .... Will keep you interested and looking
Bondage Divas       Bound and gagged lovelies to numerous to mention, Vesta being the numero uno, but there are lots more, all erotically bound and helpless.
Bondage Dreams Captured    What can I say. Sheena Sands and MORE... Lots more

Bondage Fiction     Voted the best Bondage Fiction writer of 2001.  Visit Heather and read, read, read.
Bondage Flix:      Great bondage videos delivered either streaming or plain packages through the mail
Bondage for Free      Yep.  Lots of Freebies

Bondage Harem    Great place to check out newbies and amateurs
Bondage Intersection    Don't miss Desperado, and his works with Poser, Stories, and Audio.  Lots to see, and all good.
Bondage Ladies     Out of the ordinary bondage and fetish girls with a flair for the extreme
BondageLadys    German site, with lots of great stuff.  Pics, vids, and more
Bondage Links.com    Incredible search engine.
Bondage Listings    Excellent location to find any site you are looking for,graciously maintained by the Sweeties Family of which I am honored to be a part.
Bondage Oracle    Huge links site... Yes, you can get anywhere from here
Bondage . Org    All bondage, all the time.   Over 190 pics added on a daily basis
Bondage Pic Post   Lotsa free goodies to be found
Bondage Pictures     Looking for Jay Edwards.... this is the place   Nice guy, and great bondagist.
Bondage Playhouse      Enter the realm of Master K and Lady Coursca
Bondage by Request     photographs of your favorite fantasy .Made to order by Jim Martin
Bondage by Rick      New, and learning fast.  Stop in for a visit and check him out
Bondage Scape    Huge gallery list, and many FREE picture sets in all genre's
Bondage Stories    Lots of great reading, and it's FREE
Bondage Tales (Jack Swan)    Great photography, and a variety of sensuality.  Think it, it's there
Bondage Tales     ELO Fanatic brings you tales of bondage, fetish, and just about anything else you can think of.  Give him a visit.
Bondage. TV     Pics and streaming video of all the top models in the industry
Bondage University     Bondage techniques, information and education
Bondage Women . Net    The best of the great Outdoors.  Stop and visit Alex and all his lovely ladies, experiencing the fresh air.  Don't miss it.
Bondage World    NEW, but learning fast. Stop in and say hello to Sam, and give him a little  encouragement,  then step back and watch  him  get  better and better.
Bondo Fox     Not your everyday bondage.   Unless you happen to be a "Fox".  Unique, and different
Bound Blond    Stop in and visit Chrissy - She's so sweet, and so helpless. You'll love it.
Bound by Bhowani    Excellent place to find secretaries, and some nostalgic photos too
Bound Comics    Bondage comics taken to Reality by the gorgeous Vesta and her lovely villians and victims.  Don't miss it.
Bound Dreams   Take a peeks at the work of MMaster & the lovely moonred.  All original and exciting.
Bound and Delivered:      Great bondage videos from many fine independent producers, such as Dan Hawke, Seether of Shadowplay Imaging, MJX Strict Bondage Videos, DKA Images
Bound & Determined
   NEW and excellent.   Stop in and say Hi to Master Lew, and be sure to see his Review
Bound Devotion    Exactly what it says.
Bound Erotica Ventures    Stop in and visit Caroline and Peter.  You won't be sorry.  Just envious
Bound Obsession    NEW and already destined for greatness.  Dave is on the right track, Bigtime.
BootLovers    Boots, Boots, and nothing but boots ... with the lovely Eden Wells and more
Bound Asian Amatuers    Bondage from the "Far East" ... and nice
Bound Beauties Phota Salon    Kinda self explanatory don't ya think
Bound Cindy    Lots of places to browse.  Don't get lost
Bound Models      Pick one - Pick em all - Tokenized galleries of just about any model you can name, and all beautiful
     The home of Jenni Lee.  Not to be missed.  Excellent site, and a beautiful lady.   Check out her Review on Talon's Eyrie
Bound2BKinky    Great stuff, and getting better all the time.   Name it and you'll have it.
   "The Art of Bondage as seen through the eyes of Lew Rubens, Bondage Master."
Bound Coeds    Think college students ... then go take a peek
British Torture    See what the folks across the "pond" are up to.
Business Girls in Bondage    Girls at work, and how the guys like em.  Check out for more on the Reviews Section
Bound Videos     Streaming videos by token purchase, or you can order what you see and own it
Business Girls in Bondage    This is not all about Wall Street.  It's better, and much easier on the eye.  Stop in and see.


Captive Angels     Everything for the vintage style bondage enthusiast with girdles, corsets, heels, hose and retro fashions. Many new girls exclusive to us. Weekly updates
Captive Beauty     The New home of Jack Douglas, formerly of Defiant Guy fame.  He's back and better than ever.  Be sure to take a look.
Captive Charlotte    Rope Master Dave and his lovely slave
Captive Culture    Bondage, Gags, and so much more - This is one redhead that knows how to make you smile
Capture Fantasies    No explanation necessary.  Stop in and you'll see why
Captured Coeds & Damsel Dreams     Brand new site featuring 30 of the fairest maidens on the net! Free Samples.
Captured Snapshots    Ken & Stacy's bondage realm .... lots to see, and all nice
Carnal Art    If it's drawings or comix of erotica... This is the place to go
CAROLINA BOUND    Visit and say hello to Carolina ... right after you put your eyes back in your head. and thank Master for sharing her.
Carolina Fox     A lifelong fetishist and a real time lifestyler in the Fetish & BDSM community.
Castle Shadow    Castle Shadow has a place to chat with other BDSMers and also offers some general BDSM information.
Caught in the Act    Amazing hospital straitjackets, bodybags and more in cotton and latex. Home of the Psycho straitjacket and Dr. Mad Max. Lots of  free photos
Charlotte Fetish    Excellent Bondage and Fetish to the nth degree. Check out for more on the Reviews Section
Chastity Bound
     is a new free site starring the lovely Chastity
CheyrlLyn Khan    Oriental Bondage, and some not for the feint of heart.
Chris Cartoons    Some of the best drawings I've seen
Chrissy Bound      Cute and sweet, and always tied and gagged. Check it out
Christina Captured    Christina's New site with lots of new goodies. Stop by and let her know she's on the right track.
Christina Carter     an offshoot of Deane Produtions, featuring the vivacious Christina
Citadelvideo     An adult web site that sells bondage videos and dvd's at low prices. They specialize in the bizarre and kinky fetish market
CJ Belle     A site not to be missed. Stop in and say hello to CJ
Claude's Sexy Settings    For that "homespun" bondage, and much much more
Classic Erotica     not much bondage, but lots and lots of porn
CloseUp Concepts    You've heard of it ... this is how you get there
CoCo Productions    Some of the most erotic and intriguing art on the Net
CoEds in Peril    Really makes you want to attend college.  Penn State was nothing like this
Comix by Noir     Great Comix with the twist that we all love.  Stories and Artwork galore... DO NOT miss this one
CQD Bondage    Those deviant Brits are at it again.  So who's Complaining
Cute Captives    Check this out.  You have seen His stuff before and was always excellent.  This is even better.  Trust me, Don't miss it,  but let the owner remain anonymous


Daisy in Bonds    Don't miss this lovely lady.   Barefoot bondage and soooo much more.  Check out her Review on the Eyrie
Damsel Designs     All new and very erotica, don't pass this one up.  Now a member of the SweetTies Family.
Damsels in Peril    Exactly what it says.
Damsel X     Hardcore, and X rated ..... Home of Goldie
DAN HAWKE PRODUCTIONS      NEW - EXCITING - TASTEFUL - EROTIC This man is going places ... Take my word for  it
Darcy London    Erotic, sexy, and the cutest thing you will see in a long while.
Dark Fashions     Exotic and erotic glothing and toys
Dark Fire Galleries    A bit of everything, from shopping to pictures and videos
Dark Guyer      Tales of Erotica, and just plain great writings. Be sure to visit him and tell him I sent you.

DarkStar Productions    The home of Gary Roberts.  Artist extrordinaire
Darker Pleasures      breast bondage at its best
Darla Crane      the new home of a classy, and classic lady.
DaveDarke   For some of the best ideas, photos, and videos, be sure to visit Dave.
David Knight Bondage
     Beautiful girls next door in tight ropes and tighter gags! Kidnap videos, large weekly photo and RealMedia updates and streaming too!
David's Bondage Art    A free site offering bondage art, featuring beautiful drawings of your favorite models
DaZeR's     Mind Bending Sex. You will never be the same
Dark Play   Pics from the Darker side of Fetish
DEANE PRODUCTIONS    TIGHT bondage and GAGS!! More than 12,500 ORIGINAL photos of 57 damsels-in-distress the way you want them
DEA Art     Excellent drawings of damsels in peril.  Yet another great site affiliated with Sweet Ties
DEFIANT GUY PRODUCTIONS      Stop in and say Hi to Jack Douglas formerly of Harmony
Delton Images     is a free amateur site that gets better by the week

Detective Chronicles    The KidnapHER files of Ace Detecitve, Steve Spade.  Better than true detective ever dreamed of being
Derek Barker Photography
     classic bondage photography at its best
Devon Knight      Sexy, and extreme.  You name it, and Devon is your lady
Devious Toys     the name says it all
DEVONSHIRE PRODUCTIONS    Simone Devon, and Bryan Davis are your hosts. If you haven't heard of them ... you are  in a coma, or already dead.
Dita Von Teese    Corsets, stockings, and lingerie - The ultimate in Burlesque Queens
DizDat     Legs, feet, and everything else.  Something special from my man in NYC
DKA IMAGES     The New home of a friend of mine, David Klein. Be sure to stop in and check it out
Dominate Radio    Call it music to "Tie by". Lots of tunes. You can even listen to DJ Lord Elric when he's not to busy tying up ladies.
Domination Dreams     Giving "submit here" an entirely new meaning
Dominic Wolfe       Need I say more.  If you haven't heard of him, you'ver been dead for too long.
Dorothy Laine      Like legs, feet, and bondage?  So what are you doing here.
DR Productions       Want  70s classic  bondage?  This is the place to go.
Drawing Planet     Some of the best artwork around. Severity rules.
Drawn to Please      Stop in and say hi to Kevin and the gang ... You dream it and they will draw it.
Dungeon Supplies      If they don't have it... it ain't made
Dutch Bondage.com    A brand new site and the first real Dutch bondage site. Holland's most beautiful female models, bound & gagged with excelent ropework and sexy lingerie


East Bondage     An oriental delight
Ebony Bondage    The best of the few websites offering Black Bondage.  Be sure to check it out, or read the Review in the Review area. You won't be disapointed.
Eden Wells    Fetish with style, and of course, beauty
Emily Marilyn    Where High fashion and the Bizarre meet
English Curator      One more great site brought to you by my friend Dave of  NO-Boundries, and No-Boundries Video
Enslaved     All new, and very improved.  Paige White and her friends will keep you drooling, among other things.  Be sure to visit.
ELOFanatic's Bondage Stories      A friend of mine that loves to write.  One of the best for erotic reading
Encasement Fetish    The world of full-body encasement meets BDSM. Pantyhose, spandex, plastic encasement, bondage, domination, roleplays,mummification and cocooning.
     Name it, and you can find it here.
Eric Kroll    You've heard the name, now you can visit
Erotic Art of the Marquis    
Welcome to the Marquis' world of fantastic dreams and let your most hidden desires free. Custom commissions accepted
EroticDistress    At last.  Visuals to extend the thought process.  Fantastic stories with associated photos. Don't miss this one.  It is a "Must See"
Erotic Fantasies    Chris of England and his lovely deviant drawings.  One of the best.
Erotic Knots    The title tells it like it is, great things to see by the ultimate Norseman.  "Viking"
Erotic Lens    All the girl/girl bondage you want to see, plus lots more
Erotic Illusions    New and exciting artist with a unique and deviant mind
Erotic Shadows     Penelope Czar weilds an awesome camera
Eros Comix     Everything erotic in the Comic world
Eros 5:
     BDSM and erotic 3D artwork by Geoff Ridgway
Erotic Shadows    Forced fantasies, hanging, torture, mouth filling gags... where your darkest fantasies come true!
Escape Videos    Tied and escaping.   Many never before seen models.
    Distinctive drawings/comics featuring skinny, elfin girls bound and subjected to various torments
Everything Bondage:
    Custom built bondage furniture and accessories
Evil Magician     stop by and watch the magic
Exclusive Bondage Videos:     
Exclusive bondage and rough sex videos - torture spanking and caning
     2 young sadist girls from Eastern Europe torturing old male animals the way you`ve never seen before... - Mutilation - Strap-on Tortures - whipping - etc
Extreme Restraints
     Not your everyday items.  Unique and superbly made.  Check it out


Fashions and Fun     You like shopping?  Pay a visit and start buying. Lots of goodies to be found
Felix Dartmouth     c'mon, you heard ot it.... the Awesome Archive
FemDom Bank    Exactly what it says.... bend over slave
FemDom Fantasies     Large Femdom Drawing site .... CyberAge ID required
Femdom Town 
    Beautiful professional and amateur Mistresses dominating their poor female and male slaves
Fem Feet     if the foots your thing, this is the place
Name the fetish and you'll find it here.  Lots of Free pics.
FetishCafe    Melanie in Latex - Some nice Free pics, a forum, chat, and more
Fetish Domain:
     Galleries of glamour and torture, movies, fetish stories, slave logs and galleries, dungeon chat, instruction on dungeon equipment and bdsm technique
Fetish Factory    Shop til you drop
Fetish Folios    Super galleries in Token format. Pick and choose what you want
Fetish Live    Ready for a bit of excitement?  Stop in and see Sandra.  This AIN'T the everyday B&D site - If you love Latex & Rubber... GO right now
Fetish-n-Leather      Visit my pal Bill, and check out some of his goodies.  For once at a reasonable price. There are new, and growing fast
Fetish Nails
    The ultimate in Long nails, and then some
Fetish Nation    Home of Ian Rath .... one of THE best with a camera... and the ladies too
Fetish Nexus     A great place to stop by and browse
Fetish Realm    Like Latex?  This is the place, and it's all Free - Galleries, Shopping, and fetish Drawings
Fetish Shop 24    Shopping for what you want was never easier.  Lots to see, and lots to buy
Ferres Art    New and very very good.  Stop by and see
First Time Tied   Awesome girls in Bondage, and all from the land of blonds.  Sweeden
Forbidden East    Asian delights run rampant
Force Fantasies    Oh Stop with the PC.  It's a fantasty remember, and this site is excellent
Foxy Red    Crimson tresses abound as do the free pictures  Don't take my word for it... but this crimson tressed lady will become one of your favorite colors.
Franco Saudelli:      Bondage and foot fetish drawings, photos and cartoons from the best bondage illustrator of the world
FreeBound    Excellent Area for Site listings, and has the ability to create reviews, and an area for browsers to gather information about each site.
Fucking Machines     Not your average "Toy".  Go take a peek, this inventor puts Edison to shame.
Futile Struggles    All NEW and exciting.  See what Eric has planned now.   You don't want to miss this one.


Gag Vault    NO explanation needed.  Exactly what it says. MMMMppppphhhhhhh
Gagged Gals    Do I really have to explain this.   It's great
Gagged Torment     Yep. Exactly.  All mmmppphhhh
    Looking for inventive, devious, original bondage books? They've got them! Ponygirls, kidnapping, wildly creative bondage, helpless heroines and the famed art of Benson
Goth Bondage Sex Slaves:     Beautiful young women as helpless victims, vulnerable, exposed, available for your sexual enjoyment.
Gothic Toy Man:     Sells and rents unique, high quality dungeon furniture. Products include cages, crosses, whipping benches, and stocks, as well as unusual items,
GothicAmateur.com:     Home of sexy gothic college girls, Vail and Bianca. Over 3,000 original photos of Vail and Bianca.
Grommets Self Bondage    Lots of Mummification, Latex, and everything else
Gwendoline Lamour    Today's Pinup ... a gorgeous lady reminicent of the "40's and 50's.
Gwen Media      Luscious Latex, and the sexiest of damsels.  Bob Zak has done it again


HadriaBeth      Bondage Faeries supreme.  And many other very well done artworks.
Handcuff Gallery    Cuffs and more cuffs by Photoman.  If it's been cuffed, he has the pics.
HARD Wear Custom Leather     Custom made Handcrafted leatherware by my friend Instructor.  Whips, floggers, gags and much more. You can meet him in the Chatroom, look for "Instructor
Heels, Hose & Toes    Exactly as it states.  Great tokenized galleries of all those great legs and toes..... bound nice and tight
Heather Bound     Bondage Fiction writings galore, and all excellent
Heaven Lee     It's coming online soon, and it's gonna be great
Helios Project    Helpless ladies abound, and lots of Freee pics to drool over
Helpless Beauty:
    A free bondage image rating site. Your chance to select the best in bondage
Helpless Heroines:
     Features 1000's of the most beautiful bound and gagged women on the Net! Plenty of chloroformed, hand-gagged, handcuffed and straight-jacketed beauties!
Hells Elevator    This is the place to go straight to hell.  Trust me, you'll enjoy your stay
Hidden Pleasures     Variety for everyone, Large Free area with all kinds of goodies including a shopping cart.
Hogtied     More bondage and Domination pics than you can stand.
House of Gord    If you love latex, and exteme confinement, then this is the place.
House of Slavery    Looking for the extreme side.  You'll find what you want here
House of Thunder    The wild world of erotic machines, and Vids of all the action
Housewives at Play    Home of the Artwork, and Comix of Rebecca
Hunter's Lair     Jim Hunter, formerly of erotic distress, now has struck out on his own.  Do Not miss it.  The only man around to brings the "Bish" to life.
Hypnox Photography    Unique and erotic Don't miss it


Ian Rath's Fetish Nation:      Original bondage and fetish pictures by photographer Ian Rath. Hardcore and soft bondage, suspensions, erotic torture, damsel in distress, fetish, and BDSM
Imago Studios     Excellent collection of models and bondage pictures.  All beautiful and all nicely tied
Imp of Satan    A very unique place to shop
InBondage    Just read the name, it says it all
Inside Chrissy    A models, model with a penchant for Fem on Fem
In Shadow    You're invited to lurk in the Shadows
Invictus    Not for the feint of heart.   This is Real BDSM by Real people truly into the lifestyle
Imago Studios:      Original bondage photos & videos featuring the girl-next-door in damsels-in-distress storylines
In Shadow:
       Perils, fantasies, bondage, sleepy and asphyx fictions. Pics, videos and member forum
Isabella Sinclair     Stop by and say yes ma'am to Mistress Sinclair
Itty Bitty Bound:
     A cute,cuddly,girl-next-door featured in all kinds of binds.From artistic bondage to playing the classic damsel in distress, Itty and her girlfriends are put on display


Janes Bit    Lots of Freebies, and an excellent Members area
Jane Stonewood    Visit this lovely lady with the crimson tresses and the work of hubby Todd.  Not to be missed.
Japan Bound     
Far Eastern bondage. Extreme as it should be, and lots of Freebies to be found.
Jasmine Sinclair    Just say Beauty, Jasmine is the definition.
Jasmine's Bondage Theater     all the Videos of Jasmine Sinclair
Jay Edwards     From the beginings of bondage photography, this man has been at its summit, and will for years to come
JBRoper Productions:     Original pictures of lovely ladies in tight bondage. Colorful clothes and fantasy scenarios are plentiful
Jeanette le Corbeau:
     Erotic BDSM fiction. Site features Jeanette's blog and a serialized fiction piece called Poppet.
Jenni Lee's BoundnWet.com:
     Jenni Lee's website, exploring the erotic side of bondage! Check out Jenni's bio page, portfolio, and weekly journal entries
Jewell Marceau    Home of the gorgeous Jewell
J T's Stockrooml     Erotic domination from Britain
Juliette Heart    Great place for lots of pics in Zip file sets - minimal price for each set
Julie Simone     Sheer sexuality, and gorgeous too.  Don't miss this one.


Karin von Kroft    Looking for a sexy blond Mistress?  Applications available
Kastle Archives    A place where Fantasy meets reality.  It's really kewl and should be checked out
Kelly Kole     Another foxy lady.  Lots of stuff on the inside, but a few more samples couldn't hurt
Kiana Bound    The best "Home made bondage" around.  Check our Talon's Reviiew of this asian beauty.
Kidnaper Chronicles     The Ultimate dealing with Kidnapping fantasy.... Don't miss it
Kingdom Kum
    Don't even ask.  I'm not going to explain it. It's exactly what it says. 
Kinky's Place     Hardcore bondage and humiliation - extreme is the name of the game
Kinky Karla    Erotic domination from Britain
Kinky Miss X    New and exciting work from a true believer, and a very nice lady
Knotty Knots      Do I need to explain? The name says it all... kinda.  Don't miss this one.  Lots of models and always helpless
Krisma's Playground     New and very very cute ... AND sexy.   Stop in and say Hi
Kumi Monster     Fetishist running wild, and bald too.   Unique to say the least


Ladies in Jeopardy     this isn't the Game show
Lady Coursca's Dungeon     Lady Coursca and her lovely slaves.   Watch them play, but ignore the screams
LadyRope's Web
     a classy and stylish lady that has no bounds... then again, it has them ALL
Lady Sonia     Britain's Premiere Domme
Lara Bound    Unique to say the least
Latex Bilder    Home of Tina & Dieter and their fantastic world of Latex, from fashion to fetish
Latex_Leather_PVC Bondage      Smooth and shiny.  This is the place.
Leather Domina    Looking for a deviant and lovely Mistress?  Look no further
Leg Mania    Leg and foot fetish galore.... lots of Free stuff
Lesbian Slaves
    The name says it all
Lillan's Nexus      Infomation on self bondage and cross dressing
Limited Audience     Original medieval, fetish, gown and costume bondage, with beautiful damsels in distress, in photos, photostories and videos.
Links for Bondage    Find alot, in one sho
Liza    Pretty eliza, tied and helpless... Always.  And those eyes... mmmmm
Love Tied      an excellent area done by many people I can call friends
Lucy Zara    Fabulous Playboy and Penthouse model, all tied up.
Lydias Domain    Sexy redhead and awesome D.I.D .... see for yourself


Madame S    Fetish & Bondage Shopping mega site
Maidens in Mayhem     Genesis Lynn- Need I say more?
Maria's Tied Up Fantasies     Think fantasy... then visit, you will find it there. Check out for more on the Reviews Section
Mariska's Bondage World    Buxom and bodacious brunette, hauntingly helpless.  Tokenized so you can pick just what you want
Martin's Rigid Cuffs
     Need some new equipment?  Made to standards only dreamed of.
Master's Corner:
       A safe place for novice to the BDSM lifestyle to come and learn the basics
Max Bizzare    Excelletn Fetish site
Men Tied     Who says just the ladies can have all the fun.
Mistress Sanda     Sexy Mistress from Vienna .... Her fetish love knows no limits
Model Bondage.com    
Gorgeous girls tied up and gagged for you! Massive updates each week with high quality pics and clips
Models Tied
     Exactly what it says.  Lots and lots of Models
Moraxian's Game Room    Erotic and Fetish works done with Poser by someone who knows how
Ms Antoinette    Beautiful Domme, just waiting for YOU
Murgol's Page:
     Original BDSM Poser artwork - all for free
Mummification-Sex    If you like duct tape and extreme mummies... This is the place
Muse's Student     Want help writing?  This is the place.  Your hostess B.K. Moffitt is an excellent writer in her own right, and offers to make you a better writer too.
My Fetish Diary     Fetish photographer, Christine Kessler, shares her vast collection of images including Mistresses, Masters, slaves, BDSM, latex, corsets


Nach's Art     Great pencil drawings aimed at the extreme
Narcan'Art      Not only Art, but so much more.  Then again, it's all art.
Natasha Flade     Model extrordanaire
Naughty Ties    Home of the Badman .... just keep his mind off of B Ball
Nawa Shibari:    The art of Japanese Bondage. The private life of a sadist. An established site with free picts
nidiHu:     European girls in tight bondage
Nightshade:    One lady's fetish and bondage lifestyle featured in hundreds of photos
Nippon Fetish    Japanese hotties bound and gagged
NO BOUNDRIES      Ok, you really wann know ... THIS is my favorite  Another fantastic find of mine   New to the web ... and  their future shows much promise.  Tell Dave I sent you.
NO BOUNDRIES Video    Yep, my pal Dave will make ya crazy.  He gets settled with one thing, and I'll be damed if  he don't come up with something else.  (told ya he was good)
Noir Comix    Great Comix with the twist that we all love.  Stories and Artwork galore... DO NOT miss this one
Notty Tales     FREE slideshows from a plethora of producers.  Don't miss it, and say Hi to my friend Al
NY Bound     It's not Saturday Night Live.... This is Better, and filled with lots of helpless damsels.
Nylon Knots:     This adult site is about real British women in nylon and nearly always in trouble... They most often get bound in their pantyhose


Obsessivex:    Damsels-in-Distress storyline images & female domination
One Stop Bondage Videos    Your 1 stop source to all of your bondage needs. Complete selection of bondage videos, toys, accessories at wholesale prices
One Thousand and One    Fun, easy-to-use, online adult superstore. Up to 70% discount on sex toys, fetishwear, lingerie


PainGirl      BDSM - Torture - Pain - Slaves - Domination see these amateur models in extreme violent pain series. These trained Slaves wil do anything!!
Paingasm:      Painful journeys into orgasm. No power exchange here, only extreme BDSM, pain and sexual torture. See yourself what are the ex-KGB torture experts busy with these days
Perils of PEP
     Brand NEW ... and damn goodStop in and say Hi to Patti and Jeff
Pet Girls    Gords new venture with his new "Pets", literally.  You'll love it.
Phil Carson's Sensual Distress     So what do you want to know?  Beautiful ladies and beautiful photography.  As for his concepts and mindset.  Fantastic.  Trust me.
Phantom Bondage      The Shadwo knows, AND so does the Phantom.   Stop in and see what I mean.
PHM's Tied Ladies 
   Some of the best artwork found anywhere on the net, and lots of it.  Do Not miss this one.
Photoman's Handcuff Gallery      Handcuffs, Handcuffs, and more handcuffs.... Did I say CUffs
Playful Delights    Stop in and visit Caroline and Peter.  You won't be sorry.  Just envious
Ponygirl Productions     Its NOT just ponygirls.  Visit Anne Stonebrook and see what I mean.  You'll love it
Porn Tied:      The erotic realm of bondage
Primal Urge    Quality photos galore
Private Bondage     This is something special.  Stop in and say hello to Kristi and Carl, you will not be disappointed.  In fact, you'll love them and the site
Proper Restraint    Costume, lingerie bondage. Large free section, members section featuring 'Rheanna' and friends. Photographs, video clips. AVS
Purple Castle Library:      Rubber and bondage fiction, stories and tales by some of the leading specialist authors. Including Carla Gee and Karl Pendragon. All ready to download - Now


QA Bondage     Sexy Kristi's new site featuring her own sex in bondage adventures told in photos, video clips and stories
Quality Control    The name says it all.  Not only about the photographs, but the people too.  Don't miss this one


Rainbow Rope    Various fetish and bondage pics... many free
Rain Bound    The weather calls the shots here.  Raincoats and Macs galore.
Raven Noir     Glamorous Bondage, and a glamorous lady
Real Bondage     True tales of Bondage.   For the newbie, a great place to get the best way to start.
Rebecca    Home of the excellent "Houswives at Play" drawings.... and more... more.... more
RebsArt The best in Bondage Artists all in one place
Reds Realm     Home of Red and his "Bondagettes". 
Restrained Elegance    THe most awesome photography around
Retro Kink    Really interesting, and erotic artwork by Chris
Rex's Bondage Ladies     Excellent site with a huge selection of pic, and the price is a steal
Rhiannon Bray     Delicious ....  Need I say more.   Another great site of the SweetTies Group
Rick Savage's Bondage Videos & Galleries:       Master Rick torments, teases & tortures his sexiest and most willing models.
Robs Damsels     Gorgeous girls tied up and gagged for you!
Rock's Page    Massive collection of original material. another Excellent Sweet ties family member.
The Roissy Society:
    The RS is a private BDSM group. On their website they show only pictures and Roissy videos from their "Inhouse production". AVS
Roped Girls    Check out Marco's site, and visit Lisa and Tanja.... and that's just for starters.  These are REAL people who have been gracious enough to share.
Rope Marks     Do I need to explain this
       Attractive submissive UK female sharing her collection of rubber and BDSM pics
Rubber Doll    Erotic domination from Britain
    Coming soon with exactly what it says, another winner by Bob Zak


Sadie Bell    Fashion model turned bondage damsel and dom, Sadie Belle.
Sado Girl     Search engine to some places you may have not run across before
Sally Bound    check it out... lots of nice stuff.  Trust me
Samantha Bound     Home of Fetish Diva, Samantha St. James .... don't miss it.
Sams Bondage Mall    This is one Mall that Does have everything.  You name it and you will find it at Sams.  Excellent site.   *****
Sand M.Com    Home of bondage master Stepen and all his friends.
Sarah Foster Tate      The official photographic archive of the popular 1980's bondage model. A growing collection of images of Sarah tightly bound and  gagged in rubber...
Sara Slave     One of the prettiest and sexiest ladies around.  When you visit you will find a Lady who loves bondage.  A superstar  *****
Satin Ties     Beautiful professional and amateur Mistresses dominating their poor female and male slaves
The Scene:
    A free pictorial guide to bdsm and fetish personalities. Includes interviews, free galleries, movies and personal contact information.
Scorpion Leather    Wanna buy some Quality handmade leather goods?  Check out my friend Rick, or if you live near western Mass, drop in for a visit.
Secretaries in Bondage!:
    Beautiful girls all conseratively dressed and all tied up and gagged! Tons of pictures and videos
Sensual Distress    Home of Phil Carson and his bevy of beauties
Sensual Sara    Extraordiary site with awesome photograpy and a very lovely lady named Sara.  Stop in you'll love it.
Serious Bondage    Sponsored by Gwen Media ... Need I say more?
Sex & Ropes     Hardcore bondage and humiliation
Sexy Settings    Visit Claude, and his lovely ladies in everday domestic settings
Shackled Maidens    Beautiful girls in heavy metal bondage, and much more. Very artistic photography in very unique genre's. Don't miss it
Shadow Play Imaging      What can I say, but awesome. Don't miss this one, OR Tobi, she's a doll
SheenaSands    Just what is it about Sheena?  I don't know but it's something that makes her very very special.
Shortfuse      The home of Mr. T and Weatherman.  If you haven't heard of them, you're already dead.
SickChixxx    Mistress Persaphone awaits.   Not for the timid.
Sin City 69    Visit my good friend Smoken & Cyber, for the best of Sin City (Las Vegas) Pictures, Videos, and a Forum just to name a few
Skratch Bondage
     Lots of pretty girls, all amateur, and all helpless.  Did I mention, cool pics too?   Stop in and check them out.
Slave Dove     See what the life of a bondage slut is like.
Slave Island
    Lots of Free amateurs, all bound, helpless, and more
Slaves in Love    Sexy slaves at their best.   Helpless and in Love.  Check it out
Slave Sheryl:
    Contrary to Ordinary. Humiliate her. Whip her. Use her. Meet a slave who exposes her life of extreme humiliation, degradation, masochism and abject submission
Sky the Dark    Six feet of pure lovely
Slave next Door    True lifestlye enthusiasts, and the most sincere, helpfull, and understanding of any I have yet come across. Read my Review, and see for yourself. 
SM List     Looking for a slave ... or some great pics?  Check this out
South Bound Girls:     Amateur bondage/tickling and Damsel in Distress. They have free images and videos for sale
Spiders Web     extreme everything
Spirit - Hunted    Sexy lady who LOVES being helpless. The tighter the better.  And she's cute too
Squeals in Bondage   That's all you hear, they are kinda gagged... hehehe
Stacy Burke     "THE" one, the only, the original Fetish a Go go
Star Chandler     Does the name sound familiar?  It should  Go take a peek and see why
Stephen's BDSM Page      is one of the web's best known BDSM resources for just about everything.
Strict Times     Original pictures, videos and custom content of female bondage and domination. The home of Rico Tymann
Strictly BDSM     Showcase and online gallery for BDSM/spanking/fetish adult toys
Strictly Spanking     Hard and pure, roasting red bottom action, with absolutely nothing faked!
Studio Gum     Pricy, but some of the most exotic Latex wear I've seen
Studio Hentai    The mega site for Hentai and Manga pics
Sub Girl    Real Life sub, and her friends.  If the lifestyle is your thing, this is the place to go.
Suki's Bondage&Fetish     Suki's Guide to BDSM and Fetish Sites on the Web.
Submissive Marnie     Petite, and beautiful lifestyle Pro/submissive and masochist
Submissiveone.com     New bondage model - gorgeous - free samples and members area - quality pics
Suspended and Spread Sluts    Thousands of suspended sluts and helpless honeys tormented for you
SUB SHOP     The best place on the net for all your erotic needs.  If you can't find what you are looking for here .  then you don't  need it.
SweetTies Family    You name it, we have it, and I am damn proud to be a member of their Family.  DO NOT miss it.


Talia Monet     Home of Talia Monet
Talon's Eyrie    You're kidding me right?
T.A.O. Productions     Classic bondage all the time
Temple of the Black Lotus    The home of the awesome Barry Blair
Tengew Leather     Exotic and erotic toys you won't find anywhere else.  All custom made
Terri Martine    60's Bombshell that will bring back memories and will make new ones too.
Tetruss    No place to suspend your slave?  Now you do.  Interesting concept gear.
The Fetish Demon
    Lots of goodies, many free.  Nice sample area of all genre's.
The Palace    Where fantasy beckons...and dreams become reality. World's largest fetish file library with over 350,000 erotic/fetish files for your viewing
Thndrshark    Stories & More - small site with some very good preview pics... and lots and lots of great stories
Tickle Me in Nylons    Matthew keeps his laidies smiliing and literally in stitches
Tiedsville    Bondage comics taken to Reality by the gorgeous Vesta and her lovely villians and victims.  Don't miss it.
Tied N Teased    Online version of one of thefastest growing contact magazines
Tied Girls    Beautiful girls in strict bondage... even some "blasts from the past"
Tied Up Fantasies
    See Maria, and all her friends.  Sweet to say the least.  I'd say tasty

Tie Her Up    Michelle Harper... the True girl next door
Tied Sex    Great stuff from one of the founders of this genre.  Who else but Graphic Impulse BBS
Tips 2 Toes    All the shoes you will ever want, OR need.... plus lots more
TNAV Bondage    you heard the name, now you can go visit
Tobi's Place
Token Town    
Don't like memberships... Go here and just take your pick
Triple B Net True Lesbian Bondage:      Hardcore lesbian sex, real domination and submission, completely original photography and high quality videos
Trussed Up    All British and all helpless.  The name says it all.  Stop in and visit, you'll love it
Twisted Films:
    Production company and distributor of BDSM videos and DVDs. Also home to Twisted Gear for BDSM furniture and toys
Twisted Smile    The Winner of the Best Bondage Site for the Year 2000  It's not just the award .... It's simply that good


UK Bondage Bob:     The new home of BondageBob, featuring beautiful UK damsels tightly bound and gagged. requent updates
Ultimate Surrender    Bring a white flag and surrender
    Amateurs in severe S/M & torture sessions. Original featured galleries of BDSM, bodyart, piercing and tattoos. Extreme punishments, pain & needle torture
Uncovering SM:
    BDSM video streams (2,000 hours), webcams (150 amateurs), original bdsm and bondage pictures (15,000 full size, high quality images)
    All token site with damsel in distress bondage pics
    New site featuring amateur UK gothic girl, Undine. One of the most popular girls from Blood Dolls now has her very own site
Unsound Method:
    Bondage Girl Delerium returns to the scene with her super cool bondage site featuring some great photography, hot chickies, and tight bondage


Vacbed    Just what the name implies.  Lots of samples and things to see.  What a way to sleep.
Valeska's Bondage-Spaces    European bondage, and very inexpesnive considering the worth of the Euro
    Angel's website contains dark and beautiful pictures of herself and her friends, dressing up, tied up, naked, in pvc, rubber and corsets
Venus Isle Productions      Classy, strict, erotic, and down right excellent.
Vicious Vixens Victoria Lane I    nteresting lady, who you calls them as she sees them. 


Wasteland     The web's oldest and largest bdsm and fetish megasite. 750,000 photos, 12,000 extreme S&M movies, live shows, free fetish personal ads and more.
Water Bondage    If you love water, then go for a swim here
Weatherman's Playroom    NO, you won't get a weather forecast... but you will get everything else.
Web of Surrender:
    Maidens in Mayhem! Everything from DiD, chloro, kidnapping/abduction by force, gun and knife point, FemDomme, Fem/Fem, Japanese bondage, suspension,
What Katy Did    Saucy stockings for sex kittens - Stocking fetish photography
Whetquell Productions     Classic Bondage Found Here  Please stop in and visit my friends  Deb and Eric 2 very nice people, and with an inside track on many classic  Bondage Mags
Whipped Ass    Femdom site with the awesome Kim Wylde. Cover your ass before entering.
Whipped Goth Bitches
    If Goth and whipping is your thing. This is the place to be. 
Whiplash USA    New store presented by Bob Zak .... Fetish, Latex, Rubber, Bondage.  Extraordinary stuff
Whips World of Fetish:     Offering live domination sessions, photos and video filmed during real sessions, 80 hours a week of live cam chat shows,free access to 26 major sites!
White Lord     Home of the SIGNY & the BONDAGE 2000 - 20th Century Award + free stuff like interactive stories, classic artists, celebrities in distress, talents in B-Biz and much more ...
Whitney Prescott    Yep, THAT Whitney Prescott, and as Bryan Davis would say... Home of the "Prescotts"
Wicked Chamber     kewl shopping for everyone
Wicked Touch    Premium Adult "Toys" specializing in Whips, Floggers, and everything else.  Handmade, High Quality toys for all your subbies needs.
Widow Centauri     
Need a Mistress.  See the Widow
Wired Pussy    New and erotic uses for electricity
Wizards Lair
    I can't explain it. Visit and you'll see what I mean
WolfStar    Kewl site in the past and even better now.  Best 3D Bondage pics around
Women Bound:
     The internet's premier web site of beautiful women bound and gagged !!!
Writings of Leviticus    Original BDSM stories by original authors


Xanadu Creations     Some of the most erotic toys on the net
Xcentricities    Custom made corsets and other goodies your lady may need
XR Babes in Bondage    This is one you don't want to miss. Stop in and visit Ian and his gorgeous models, and tell him I sent you.
X-Rated Babes in Bondage
     The prettiest, sexiest English girls in bondage and fetish heaven getting tied up, bound, gagged and spanked
Xandra Bound
     Xandra bound in all sorts of different bondages. Leather, rope, tape, steel cuffs, pantyhose


Your Temptress      Fiery redhead mistress seeks submissive males & females for erotic S&M, B&D, pain & kinky sessions
Yes Mistress:
     Orginal FemDom stories, slaves, sluts, lots of rope and other nasty tools of submission


ZFX Video    ZFX Videos for your viewing pleasure
Zorya    Superb artistic talent showcased
Zoom      Links to BDSM & fetish sites including a preview page


E Mail: Talon