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For those of you who remember back to the 70's, you should remember the name Cheri Caffaro.  For a brief period she was the actress "to see" because she always
wound up tied and gagged.  What better reason to go to the "Drive In" with your girlfriend and a trunkfull of rope and tape.  Below are clips taken from her first Hit called
"Ginger". which was advertised saying that "Every man wanted her, No man can tame her".  You have to remember, it was the 70's
Originally I had planned to show the entire film, but the bondage scenes in it were few, though at the time it was considered "extreme".
  To save you the time, I cut just the bondage scenes out and placed them below.  I hope you enjoy them.

Cheri's Second hit, "The Abductors" is another story entirely as you will see as you browse further down the page.

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Ginger - The Beach
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1Handcuffed.jpg (6786 bytes)

Ginger - Handcuffed
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1Payback01.jpg (5719 bytes)

Ginger - Payback Pt. 1
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1Payback02.jpg (6844 bytes)

Ginger - Payback Pt. 2
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1GettingEven01.jpg (6890 bytes)

Ginger - Getting Even Pt. 1
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1GettingEven02.jpg (7472 bytes)

Ginger - Getting Even Pt. 2
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"The Abductors"

Cheri Caffaro returns to the screen in her second adventure as Detective Ginger.  Apparently, word got out to the producers that the public enjoyed the genre' which was
typical fare for the day, and found that the bondage scenes were the films greatest attraction.  Their solution was to create a 2nd Hit called "The Abductors" with more
of just what the public wanted to see, Cheri and her cohorts all tied up.  The scenes are many, and trying to cut just those as I did with "Ginger" would have been almost
impossible since they pop up so often.  In lieu of that I decided it was simpler to just show the entire video and let you pick out the ones you like.

1Abductors01.jpg (6996 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 1
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1Abductors02.jpg (9361 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 2
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1Abductors03.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 3
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1Abductors04.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 4
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1Abductors05.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 5
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1Abductors06.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 6
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1Abductors07.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 7
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1Abductors08.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 8
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1Abductors09.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt. 9
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1Abductors10.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.10
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1Abductors11.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.11
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1Abductors12.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.12
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1Abductors13.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.13
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1Abductors14.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.14
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1Abductors15.jpg (5357 bytes)

The Abductors Pt.15
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Cheri has one more movie to her credit, a sequel to "The Abductors" titled "Girls are for Loving"
Depending on how this page is recieved, it may follow.  That's up to you.

Hope you enjoy this classic from the 70's.

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