Classic Films II

Classic Films II



The Pickup - Scene 1

It's "Special Delivery" time when the bondage master gets a
present in a box.  A box, a bound beauty ready for training.

" The Pickup "

The Pickup - Scene 2

One of the most lovely bondage models has been a very bad girl.    

The Ordeal - Scene 1


" The Ordeal "


The Ordeal - Scene 2


The Ordeal - Scene 3


Watch how she is taught the error
of her ways.


Force Fed - Scene 1

" Force Fed "


Force Fed - Scene 2

" The Sale "

The Sale - Scene 1


The Sale - Scene 2

When purchasing a slave, it is good to make
sure she comes with all of the important
optional extras. This one does!
Captured by masked assailants.

Abducted - Scene 1


Abducted - Scene 2

She is in terror as the ropes and straps grip tight into tender, vulnerable flesh.


The Hardhat - Scene 1

" The Hardhat "

Georgia Van Helsing finds out how to please a working man as she is manhandled by a hard hatted dominant.


The Hardhat - Scene 2

The trespasser shouldn't have been caught in the Compounds grounds.

The Fence - Scene 1


The Fence - Scene 2

" The Fence "


The Fence - Scene 3

Now she's strung out on the wire fence and made to pay for her indiscretion.